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In China foreigners hired for fictitious job in Chinese companies for more respectable image of their colleagues and clients. Polish man Dorian finds a tempting Internet job offer, he goes to China where he finds himself in alternative universe of successful modern business world.

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Starring: Seva Ostachnovich, Alexander Connors, Daviv Liu, Yu Gong, Qijun Gu, Risheng Hu, Lie Wang, Ricky Yuan, Shuang Li, Xunguang Li, Mingxia Liu, Hongying Zhang

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Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) was founded in 2005 by EDI Media Inc. (USA). It is the most authoritative and influential annual Chinese American cultural event connecting two of world’s largest film markets. Every year in November, which coincides with the American Film Market (AFM), CAFF hosts its Opening Ceremony and Golden Angel Award in Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. Hundreds of top box office films from China-US participate in CAFF, of which the Top 10 are selected and awarded with the Golden Angel, named after the city of Los Angeles.