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Vladimir Raksha (CEO) is an International film director, film producer, screenwriter, director of photography, and independent artist. He was nominated for the International Award for the Selfing at the Chinese American Film Festival in Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. For the Sleep With Me, he won the Grand Prix Award and the Award for Best Director at the Pilot Film Festival. His films have won many awards, including, for A Lifetime Ago, the Special Jury Diploma at the Window to Europe Film Festival, a unique award that is distinct from the Jury Prize as it is not given annually, but only at the request of the official jury, who in this case gave the award «for originality and unique handwriting», this film also was an Official Closing Film at the Sputnik nad Polska Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland. Raksha was also nominated for the Last Day Of Childhood at the Other The Edge Film Festival, and for the Black Square at the Moscow International Film Festival, and others. 


2019 Sleep with me | Pilot | Russia | Best Director Award winner & Grand Prix Award winner | Pilot Film Festival
2018 A Lifetime Ago | Full-length film | Russia / Netherlands / Switzerland / Czech Republic | Window To Europe Film Festival laureate | Official Closing Film of Sputnik nad Polska Film Festival Warsaw Poland  
2017 Vantawhite Pages Almanac | UK / Russia / USA / France | Moscow International Film Festival
2016 Moonglade.world | Portugal / Russia / France / Israel / Germany | Episodes 1-5
2014 Selfing | Full-length film | China / USA / Russia | Hollywood Los Angeles Chinese American Film Festival
2012 Last day of Childhood | Full-length film | Russia | Over The Edge Film Festival