A Lifetime Ago >>

Starring Ingeborga Dapkunaite.
A full-length dramatic comedy with elements of nostalgia. 
Co-production Swiss / Netherlands / Russia / Czech Republic

Writer and ex-pat Marina receives an invitation to her school reunion. Overtaken with nostalgia, she flies from Europe to the small town Novoustinovsk in which she was born, a town which was then part of a country that no longer exists. Here, much has changed and clocks keep track of a new era. In this middle of nowhere, she finds only her memories and her old girlfriends. Yet even they are as ephemeral as the TV shows of a different lifetime.

Vantawhite Pages Almanac issue #1 The Black Square >>

Starring: Oliver Bennett Nathan Medina Jordan Frye Sonia Feifitz Emilio Guerrero Alexander
Co-production UK / Russia / USA / France 

A day in the life of some of Earth’s inhabitants. It’s the century of commercial use for Black Square, and ‘Vantawhite Pages’ is the world’s largest company. An almanac of human history has been created on Vantawhite Pages using ink from Vantablack.

Selfing >>

Starring: Seva Ostachnovich, Alexander Connors, Daviv Liu, Yu Gong, Qijun Gu, Risheng Hu, Lie Wang, Ricky Yuan, Shuang Li, Xunguang Li, Mingxia Liu, Hongying Zhang

In China foreigners hired for fictitious job in Chinese companies for more respectable image of their colleagues and clients. Polish man Dorian finds a tempting Internet job offer, he goes to China where he finds himself in alternative universe of successful modern business world.